Brooches all uniquely designed and handmade

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    Handmade knitted beaded bag jewellery accessory,

    Ready to wear straight away as a brooch,

    Flap lifts up to a small opening in the bag,

    Love to wear the mini bags,

    Like to accessorise bags, backpacks, hats with your brooch collection,

    Decorative jewellery not only for woman but for all ages and genders

    Great Gift Ideas view the variety of brooches,

    Average size of Brooches 2.5cm x 3cm,

    Taylor's Black Ink, Charleston, Wedding accessories, Kim's Collection, 

    Purple, Blue, Pink, Orange, Red, Green, Brown, Gold, Black and White

    Rustic Brooches 4cm x 4cm

    Also available in pattern and kit combo

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    C & G Miniature Beaded Brooch Bag Collection