Black Beaded Bag Collection

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    Black beads are used to create this collection of miniature beaded bags,

    Knit and Bead pattern's, bags and kit combo's,

    Sew and Bead pattern's, bags and kit combo's,

    Collection of handmade miniature beaded bags,

    Make your own miniature beaded bag necklaces, small bags and brooches,

    Wear, accessorise, store or carry in your handbag or pocket,

    Great Gift Ideas for Craft Knitting and Bead collection enthusiasts,

    Carry polished stones, gemstones, crystals or precious items in your finished product,

    Take on the challenge today this is a rewarding experience,

    Enjoy knitting, beading and creating,

    Patterns, Kits, Combo's, Beaded Bags and Supplies available,

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    C & G Miniature Beaded Bag Collection