C & G Knitting and Sewing Patterns

    C & G Patterns Fun to hand make with this collection of Knitting and Sewing Patterns Great Gift Ideas

    Knitted Miniature Beaded Bag Patterns The patterns offer creativity and inspiration to create your own unique collection of miniature bags 

    Sew and Bead provides the opportunity to make a beaded design centre piece and develop the bag with the beautiful 100% cotton material

    The patterns bring the love of beads and threads to life creating old and new ideas

    A gorgeous, featured collection of Craft, Knitting, Sewing and Beading

    Making unique miniature designer bags

    Once the patterns have been handmade and completed you can wear them, store and display your jewellery, crystals, precious and polished gemstones in

    Kits and Beaded Bags available

    Sold by charlotteandgrace.com.au

    C & G Knitting & Sewing Patterns