Beaded Bag Pattern, C & G Pattern 6 Knit and Bead, Miniature Beaded iPhone Bag

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    Create a beaded, stylish, and unique accessory with this C & G Rustic Pattern 6 by knitting and beading yourself a Miniature Beaded iPhone Bag. Featuring an enchanting and intricate beaded design, this pattern is perfect for knitters and crafters of any skill level. With this pattern, you can create an eye-catching beaded iPhone bag that's sure to be an instant favourite.

    Enjoy the process of knitting and beading your own phone bag

    Beaded iPhone Bag Pattern 

    Completion of Bag 15.5 cm x 10 cm

    Kits beads and threads sold separately,

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    C & G Miniature Beaded Bag Pattern

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