Knit and Bead Pouch Kits available in a variety of colours!

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    Knit and bead your own beautiful pouch collection in Purple / Lavender, Pink, Real Red, Go Green, Light / Dark Blue, Golden / Yellow, Black, Brown, White, Mandarin / Orange

    Hand-make your own knitted and beaded pouches

    Gifts for family and friends

    Enjoy this Unique Collection

    Available in 

    Mini 6cm x 6cm, 7cm x 7cm

    Small 9cm x 13cm

    Great gift ideas, amazing gifts for woman, gifts for Mum's, and gifts for daughters

    Carry earrings, gems, jewellery, crystals, necklaces,

    Start your own pouch collection,

    A unique collection of knitted and beaded pouch patterns and kits

    Make your own or give as Presents,

    Gift or store precious gems, crystals and jewellery,

    Available from

    C & G Miniature Beaded Bag Pouch Pattern and Kit Collection