Black Beaded Bags

    Free postage within Australia

    Collection of handmade black beaded bags,

    Miniature beaded thought bag necklaces,

    Mini Supers, Charleston Brooches, Ebony and mini gift bags,

    Gothic, Raven and iPhone mini bags

    Accessories by wearing black beaded bag necklace,

    Wear jewellery, accessorise, store or carry in your handbag or pocket,

    Carry polished stones, gemstones, crystals or precious items in your finished product,

    Mini Beaded Bag necklaces, pouches, brooches available for purchase

    Patterns, Kits and Supplies sold separately,

    Knitting and Beading or Sewing and Beading supplies

    Great Gift Ideas for Craft Knitting and Bead collection enthusiasts,

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    C & G Miniature Beaded Bags