Personalised Beaded Bag - Pouch Craft Kit, gift and store your gold earrings, rings, charms and gems, beaded pouch bag

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    This is a lovely miniature beaded pouch kit,

    Incorporating easy knitting and beading techniques

    The pouch bag pattern and kit show you how to produce your own unique handmade knitted and beaded jewellery and gemstone pouch,

    Amazing gift for woman, gifts for crafters, best gifts for Mum, gifts to Knitting and Bead enthusiasts, gifts for your daughter,

    Enjoy knitting and beading jewellery,

    Carry your talisman ring, amulet and charms to keep safe,

    Pouches available for all gender and age

    Beaded Pouch when finished is 9cm x 13 cm,

    Kits contain C & G Pattern, Small Knitting Needles, Perle Cotton Thread, Seed Beads, Beading Needles, Darning Needles

    From the C & G Miniature Beaded Bag Pattern and Kit Collection

    Store and display crystals, gems, jewellery, precious items,

    A lovely gift for family and friends

    As requested, kits for pouches for woman, girls and boys are offered in Pink, Gold

    Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Brown,

    Patterns, Kits and Supplies are also available  

    The C & G Miniature Beaded Bag Pattern and Kit Collection