Wedding Bag Pattern 3 & Kit Combo Victoria's Mini Clutch Bag Pattern and Kit

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    C & G Knit and Bead Pattern 3 and Kit Combo

    The pattern assists you in creating a Beaded Wedding accessory,

    Once you have completed this individually crafted and beautifully tailored bag 

    the bag can be used to complement any special occasions,

    Brides to Be make your own special beaded necklace bag or hand carried clutch bag, the bags can be used by all the bridal party and made in matching colours,

    This is a great idea for a pre-hens bonding day and night,

    Do together with your party of friends, bridesmaids, family,

    The mini bag is a small bag and can be used to carry lipstick or as a money purse,

    Enjoy special knitting and beading craft days,

    Gorgeous Bridal accessory 7.5cm x 9cm

    Wedding Jazz Bag Kit contains:-

    C & G Miniature Beaded Bag Wedding Pattern 3

    2mm x10cm Knitting needles,

    Beading and Darning Needles

    No 8 Perle Thread

    Seed Beads

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    C & G Miniature Beaded Bag Pattern and Kit Combo