C & G Knitting and Beading Pattern 7 and Knit Kit Combo, 10 colour choices available Make your own beaded gift bag

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    With the C & G Knitting and Beading Pattern 7 and Knit Kit Combo, you can make your own beaded clutch bag with ease. Included in the kit is a pattern and ten colour choices so you can customize your bag to your style. Perfect for a DIY gift or special occasion accessory.

    Knitting Pattern 7 and Knit Kit Combo Mini Clutch

    Make your own miniature beaded bag to store your jewels, gemstones and crystals

    Good size to carry rings and earrings

    Knit and bead with family and friends make it a fun social party event 

    or a social distancing event on skype Zoom

    Beaded Gift Bag when finished is 11cm x 8cm and is a Great gift idea

    On this page your Kit includes Pattern 7 and your choice of bead and thread colour

    Kits include:-

    C & G Miniature Beaded Bag Pattern 7,

    C & G 2mm Knitting Needles,

    C & G Beading Needles

    C & G Darning Needle,

    C & G Seed beads

    C & G Perle Thread

    Choose which colour 'bead and thread' combination

    Beads and Thread are available in a variety of colours for you to choose from Black Red Green Blue Pink Yellow Brown Orange Purple and Gold

    Additional kits, beads and threads available from this site

    Sold by charlotteandgrace.com.au

    C & G Miniature Beaded Bag Pattern 7 Kit Combo Collection

    The C&G Look