Super Mini Clutch Bag Pattern and Kit, Make your own Hand Knitted and Beaded Mini Clutch Purse Gift Bag

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    Pattern and Kit for Mini beaded bag clutch purse, 

    Look no further for a stylish and unique accessory than this Super Mini Clutch Bag that you can make and accessories yourself,

    Once you have Hand Knitted and Beaded the clutch purse you can carry your credit card and keys. Small enough for just the essentials, it features a hand-made beaded design for a luxe look. Perfectly suited for any occasion, make this mini clutch your go-to for a touch of glamour and enjoy bead knitting.

    Enjoy making these elegant new mini clutch bag collections,

    Match the colours with your outfit or make them stand out,

    Kit colours blue, pink, purple, red, tangerine, brown, yellow,

    Kits contain C & G Pattern, Small Knitting Needles, Perle Cotton Thread, Seed Beads, Beading Needles, Darning Needles

    Enjoy using beaded jewellery bags,

    Individually and uniquely designed, bag 11 cm x 8 cm

    Carry lipstick, tissues, credit card,

    Amazing gift for woman, gifts for crafters, best gifts for Mum, gifts to Knitting and Bead enthusiasts, gifts for your daughter,

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    C & G Miniature Beaded Bag Pattern and Kit Collection

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